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BMW Turn Back iSetta Three Wheels

Rumor iSetta BMW will be turned on again by approaching reality. Instead, contrived Ralph Panhuyzen proposes an efficient vehicle (Space Efficient Vehicle = SEV). Indeed, what is iSetta ?

iSetta is a small three-wheeled vehicle that reaps success in World War II era. BMW had produced it in 1957 combined between cars and motorcycles.

For this new, still embraces three wheels (two in front and one in back) with the crossover concept. Although small, capable of racing at speeds of between 125 to 155 km / hr. Regarding the engine, yet to be decided, could be conventional or electric power.

"If people are interested in crossover 125-155 km / hour, it is not possible to create thousands of new workers," said Panhuyzen.

SEV drawn by the designer as the best combination between the car (front) and motorcycle (rear). The concept, the semi-use of his tricycle or three-wheeled vehicles.

Interestingly, the composition of the seat. The driver remains positioned as a leader. While the front passenger was slightly behind the driver that the passengers could look in the rearview mirror. Then, there is Lane Assist lane keeping system of the car on the road.

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