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Tips: When Driving in Rain

The rainy season it sometimes becomes annoying for us as a rider. Not just the vehicle to be dirty, but the rain increases the risk of accidents.

Management must be increased vigilance when it rains. In addition to reduced visibility, the streets are also much more slippery than usual. Not to mention, the eye becomes tired quickly in conditions like this.

Here are some tips to minimize the risk of accidents when it rains.

1. Add a safe distance
If the normally dry time we must keep a distance two seconds into the next car, when the rain increase to 3 seconds. How to count them, muttering about 1001 ... 1001 ... 1003 as normal, when the cars reach the front of a sign on the road, such as electricity poles. If prior to reaching said '1003 'Your car has to sign it, then too close and must adjust the distance again. This safe distance is very important, because when wet braking distances become much longer even though the car had been equipped with ABS.

2. Avoid sudden maneuvers
Sudden maneuvers included acceleration, braking and turning, should be avoided. On slippery roads, maneuver easily makes the car uncontrollable. Control your car is more subtle than usual.

3. Light the lamp, not a hazard
Hazard switch on when the rain is a big mistake. Hazard made the driver behind our eyes get tired because flicker brightness. In addition, we can not make the Hazard light switch lanes when they want to Sein, also resulted in sensitivity of the rider on the back of the brake lights on our cars to be reduced. Risk was hit from behind even bigger. When very heavy rain, light fog lights or headlights normal. This alone is enough.

4. When the highway, avoid the right lane
Because of the toll road slightly convex contour, then drive on the right path to make you vulnerable hit a puddle. This can make a car lost control. In addition, when in the right lane, you are easily exposed to splashing water from the opposite lane, and this will greatly interfere with visibility.

5. Be careful tire lock
If we are forced to brake suddenly and the car was not equipped with ABS, be aware of symptoms of tire lock. Once the tire was locked, reduce slightly the brake pedal until the wheels spin again. when the tire lock, the car can not be controlled with the steering wheel and the longer distance pengeremannya.

6. Do not break floods
When we drove in the rain and met with standing water or flooding is better avoided and the search for a safe place.

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