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Fuel Pump Damage, 5000 Units Jaguar XK and XF Withdrawn

Automotive product recalls now as has become fashionable in North America. Once in the week are listed BMW 5 Series 5 and Series Grand Turismo, Nissan Cube and interesting crossover Subaru Outback and Legacy sedans, Jaguar is now interesting news came Jaguar XK and 5000 units of XF.

The reason for both types of withdrawal was problematic on rotaks or gas station that works electrically. As a result, the engine died when the car suddenly drive, thus potentially causing an accident.

As reported by, Tuesday (27/7), the National Institute of Highway Safety United States (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA) calls the two products was drawn in 2010 and 2011 models.

"The system input on electric fuel pump was installed with is not perfect. So that the supply of fuel to the engine does not happen, the supply of gasoline engines followed choked to death. This problem could potentially cause an accident, "said NHTSA.

British manufacturers were rumored to have announced that the withdrawal plans. This luxury car maker also said starting on August 30 fix.

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