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The Cause of the Irregularities Toyota Cars are Still in Debate

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), says the results of investigations into the events of Toyota and Lexus car accident allegedly due to the gas pedal with problems showed the opposite. According to Japanese manufacturers, almost all of it happened because of driver error.

"Almost all of the driver stepped on the gas pedal not brake," said Mike Michels, spokesman for Toyota in Torrance, California, as reported by, Wednesday (14 / 7).

Toyota is currently looking for the cause of the uncontrollable speed on the car or truck. The reason is due to alleged beresnya accelerator and braking system that, eight million units of Toyota products in various parts of the world drawn.

Michels said, the institute has examined the 2000 report related to the gas pedal. Not with the exception of data recorded during the accident.

"There are various causes, the trapped pedal, pedal interested or (carpet dragged the car deck), foreign bodies in the vehicle until one of use of the pedal," he explained.

A spokesman confirmed, almost all wrong driver stepped on the gas pedal when the brake pedal should be. Michels asserted that when asked how many people are making mistakes when using the gas pedal of an accident.

"Companies have not found an error in the function of electronic systems (at Toyota)," he stated.

The answer was reaping strong reaction. Joan Claybrook, a former official of the National Institute of Highway Safety United States (NHTSA) is one of them.

Advocacy group Public Citizen President of the United States it is precisely to question the findings of Toyota's call, the accident because the driver's fault.

In fact, the group had asked for the Toyota and regulators in the State Abang Sam's to more seriously investigate the possibility of failure of electronic control functions. "That's really ridiculous," said Claybrook comment on Toyota's findings.

"He (Toyota) must see (the system) electronics in the car (Toyota) and everyone knows it," said Claybrook.

Meanwhile, reports the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, Wednesday (14 / 7) call NHTSA analysis of data recording when the accident happened when the incident proved that open throttle and brakes are not working. However, NHTSA spokesman refused to comment on the report.

NHTSA calls, due to uncontrolled speed problems on the car since 2000 and there have been 71 accidents resulting in 89 people flying.

Persitiwa a tragic one is, that feeling in a family of four lives in the United States in 2009. At that time, in August 2009, Mark Syalor along with three members of the family Lexus ES350 menumpangi crossing State Route 125, Santee, California.

At speed the car reaches 120 miles per hour, the gas pedal suddenly interested and cars can not be controlled. Finally, the accident occurred and four naywa one family that was floated.

Now, NHTSA in cooperation with the panel of the National Academy of Sciences and the United States space agency, NASA is conducting an investigation of the gas pedal. The investigation process would take place within a few months.

While Toyota is currently facing over 325 lawsuits in state and federal courts related to the unwanted acceleration. This problem has also been examined by MPs of the United States.

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