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4x4 SUV That Can Be Helicopter

This helicopter as Autobot in the Transformers movie because it can turn into ground vehicles SUV 4 x 4. Maybe someday, this versatile helicopter will be used by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan to help them avoid the threat of roadside bombs.

Vehicle design is very futuristic. Is the most innovative design ideas from the development of aircraft-based AVX Texas.

This vehicle can carry four soldiers and a complete 250-mile journey overland and air travel with a single fuel tank.

The company said the developer, every soldier is guaranteed to drive a vehicle flying at the same time without having to have a pilot's license.

Jet motor which is used as the driving engine while flying directly to adjust when the vehicle was turned into an SUV 4 x 4. The amendment only takes a minute.

"This vehicle is very suitable for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, where troops often face the danger of roadside bombs," said a company spokesman.

Today the Pentagon is considering design problems. Design is important because the safety of soldiers is the first priority, both at the time in the air or when moving on land.

AVX this kind of vehicle can fly with a speed of 140 mph, is on the road with a speed of 86 mph and 30 mph on the battlefield.

This vehicle can carry about 520 kg of fuel. "However, the company has not thought to produce these vehicles for commercial purposes, although the current prototype of this vehicle in progress," he said.

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