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Nissan Introduce Murano Diesel Model

After two weeks ago announced the approximate price of diesel versions of the Nissan Murano facelift on the European continent, this week's Nissan Motor Co. (NMC) in Japan to introduce sport utility vehicle the Nissan Murano Diesel 2011.

As reported by, Friday (16 / 7), NMC has called Murano engine redesign. In the combustion chamber fuel oil for example, air ducts were enlarged in order to accelerate the cooling process.

As a result, when compared with the previous Murano - also diesel-engined SUV front display is changed to follow function. Kesanya any fresher.

Gril now widen, because the surface water intake semain too big. To adjust to the changes in the size of the larger air intake, too, the front bumper was also redesigned and incorporate fog lamps Anyar model.

Kitchen pacemaker generation Murano was carrying the most brand new 2500 cc four-cylinder engine. That machine is capable of spraying workers claimed 190 horsepower and torque of 450 Newton meters.

Not only that fierce engine performance course offered by NMC. But, also fuel economy and low emissions. "The fuel consumption of 8 liters for 100 kilometers distance," I NMC.

As for CO2 emissions is only 21 grams per kilometer. Workers who sprayed machine was transferred to the wheels through the powertrain All Mode 4x4 system. Security system supported devices Brake Limited Slip Active Braking Diffrential.

Nissan also offers a 2500 cc engine type DCI. Type is a type of Murano was the highest in the clan.

Nissan calls the current reservation has been opened and the delivery of cars to the buyers started coming September. Manufacturers are called, in the regions of Europe, diesel SUV is expected to hold 90 percent of the market in its class. On the continent this facelift diesel Murano dibanderol £ 37 795 or about USD 523.08 million.

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