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ITS Winner of Asia Shell Eco-Marathon Competition

Indonesian student achievement on the international stage. By students of Mechanical Engineering Institute of Technology Sepuluh
november(ITS) Surabaya became the first champion of competition cars Shell Eco-Marathon frugal (SEM) Asia 2010. In a race that was held at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, 8-10 July 2010, the ITS Team 2 with car Sapu Angin
(wind swept)2 record save car with mileage of 236.6 kilometers per liter of gasoline.

In a press release sent to several media mentioned the ITS team won the Grand Prize and Combution Gasoline Fuel Award. Both awards are covered under the Urban Concept category. "The victory is a lot of excess car sustained Sapu Angin the lighter weight, ie, 93 pounds," said Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering who accompanied Tim Triyogi ITS ITS.

Triyogi added, increasing the performance of several components coupled with the efficiency of the engine makes the car Sapu Angin 2 excels in the Urban Concept class of 15 cars a top university in Asia. "Another key to victory is a team effort ITS perform inspections and tests circuit early," added Triyogi.

According Triyogi, victory Sapu Angin Team is a wonderful gift for the ITS to be aged 50 years on 10 November. Sapu Angin victory, completing victory ITS Robotics Team which will represent Indonesia in an international robot competition.

ITS has two cars that are named Sapu Angin 1 and 2. Sapu Angin 1 was the prototype of a futuristic car like karting with a target of one liter of gasoline for the distance traveled 1000 kilometers. While Sapu Angin 2 the car is similar to a conventional four-wheeled car, but only contains one to two passengers with a target of one liter of gasoline for the distance traveled 300 kilometers.

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