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BMW ConnectedDrive, Read Email on Car Dashboard

Later owners of BMW cars no longer bother to read short messages and emails while driving a car. The reason, BMW has recently launched BMW ConnectDrive.

ConnectDrive is a system that allows a person receiving an SMS or email on the Blackberry mobile phones to LCD screen mounted on the dashboard of a car.

Tools that make the BMW claims can reduce the risk when driving. To connect the device, it only takes a Bluetooth connection from your mobile phone into ConnectDrive system.

Then ConnectDrive program that will automatically connect to the city of messages, both of SMS or email.

But unfortunately, means that only helps to read short messages and electronic mail, to send is not allowed because the driver is considered to endanger life.
In addition, existing systems can also perform on ConnectDrive Text to Speech, which means that incoming email message can be directly read out so that further reduce the risk of accidents.

Confidentiality in an SMS or email that there is less reliable. Text to Speech good use if only you were in a car or an incoming message is not confidential. In addition to SMS, BMW ConnectDrive system can also be used to make phone calls. The plan ConnectDrive BMW cars will be installed in output next year

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