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Renault DeZir Future Vision Renault

Renault DeZir Concept accidentally leaked via the official website today. Renault DeZir will actually on debut world at the Paris Motor Show 2010 (October 2 to 17).

Renault DeZir illustrates Renault's commitment to designing cars more emotional. We can see from the lines and color that express exterior DeZir tempestuous passion.

DeZir two-seater coupe is derived from a single motion of the electric motor is placed in the center-rear weight distribution to optimize. Torque and power DeZir 150 hp and 226 Nm. Cars with rear-wheel system-drive is able to accelerate from 0-100 kpj in 5 seconds. While lithium-ion battery 24 kW / h which is behind the seat ensures you can walk up to 160 km.

DeZir agility gained from the body is made of Kevlar and steel tube chassis. Did not reach the 850 kg weigh just 830 kg alias. Tubular shells are similar to those used Renault Megane Trophy race car. Suspension also share a platform, uses double wishbones settings.

DeZir also adopt KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), used in the world of F1. When the car berdeselerasi, the kinetic energy collected and stored in the battery. In certain conditions, the driver DeZir stay pressing a button on the steering wheel to get an extra boost while (temporary power boost) which utilize that energy.

Items are handled directly Renault design boss, Laurens van den Acker, this took a number of reputable companies. For tires, Renault took Michelin. Dipasrahkan audio system to IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique / Musique, was founded by Pierre Boulez in 1969). And workmanship body ditukangi G Studio.

DeZir absolutely not equipped internal combustion engine, and just hang to the battery. DeZir owners will get three options for charging method. First, they can charge batteries at home - takes about eight hours. Second, using the method of Filling fast (fast charging) 400V 3-phase (only takes 20 minutes to fill 80% of battery capacity). Finally, replace it.

Oiya, a second door opened similar DeZir Gullwing Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS.

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