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This is the Frontman of China's Automotive

China became a country with such a rapid industrial development, including in the automotive field. Additionally, "Interior Panda" is also a potential market. Not surprisingly, many of the principals turned the car world.

This is the fifth driver or could be called "frontman" China's automotive industry that need to be listened to.

Li Shu Fu
This led the man smiles Geely Automobile Holding Co. Ltd. which is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in China. Born from a family of poor farmers without good education, the business originally was in the field of tourism with a Polaroid photograph of services for tourists in China.

After have the capital, Li immediately moved to two-wheel automotive sector as pamasok components. Drawing on the experience and know the automotive world, he also played in the car industry.

Geely which he led to China's first company capable of acquiring a Volvo. "If the acquisition plan comes two years ago, we would be laughed at. But now, another condition and we've got a Volvo," Li said, as reported by Chinacartimes.

Currently Geely not only have a Volvo, but also the DSI (the largest manufacturer of transmission components in the world) and LTI (London Taxi manufacturer).

Shou Fu Jie
Key mover in the country's automotive industry. Born in July 1963, Fu led the second-largest automotive manufacturer in China, Guangzhou Auto. A number of principals of the world, such as Toyota and Honda, had embraced as a partner.

At the intersection, he moved to Changfeng Auto with a production focus to the type of sport utility vehicle (SUV) is the favorite in China. However, Guangzhou and eventually acquire Changfeng Fu returned to his old company with a lot of hands touch the cold.

Ding Lei
Have worked with America's largest car manufacturer makes the name fairly heard in the West. In China, Ding-led joint venture Shanghai GM.

He has the educational background of graduates of the University of Fu and Nuclear Engineering Department. Beginning his career began while working with Volkswagen and SAIC then transferred to a special project of Shanghai Pudong Auto Project (early name of Shanghai-GM merger).

His career continued to climb. He helped save the downfall of GM in its home country and making China the largest market outside the U.S.. In addition, Ding also helped GM paid more attention to markets outside the U.S., including China and India.

Bin Chen Po
In China's automotive environment, a leader of Dongfeng-Honda was the most influential. His career began with work at the Dongfeng since 1987. Dongfeng is the beginning of cooperation with the Citroen. Chen also served as public relations to be trusted in 1992.

Advantages are familiar with the characteristics of local markets to make up to general manager position. On his journey, Chen had successfully anchored to Nissan and to boost sales to 500,000 units per year. Now he's back to the Dongfeng-Honda and pursuing greater sales figures by selling products, the CR-V and Civic.

Wang Chuan Fu
Same as Ding Lei, Wang Chuan Fu is better known in the West. He was born in 1966 and studied at Central South University studying metallurgy to obtain a master's degree.

Wang Chuan Fu is a "battery man," because it has a deep knowledge about manufacture of battery technology. He is believed to lead the company Qingyuan government as the largest producer of batteries and then entered the automotive industry. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt due to lack of product sales.

Wang then worked hard and still struggling in the automotive industry. The result, the latest model BYD F3 becomes the best-selling products in China and other models followed, such as the F6 and F0, which became the beginning of BYD's electric cars.

Barely there, BYD's electric-powered sedan E3 was he produces. Problem production of environmentally friendly vehicles, BYD's most productive and competitive.

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