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Nissan Launches Crossover Juke 15 RX in Japan

Nissan launches new compact crossover, the All-New Juke 15 RX in Japan today. This vehicle will be marketed globally. Means the possibility of coming to Indonesia!

In Japan, Juke 15 RX, in accordance with a capacity of 1.5 liter engine used, dibandrol attractive enough price. Cheapest ¥ 1,690,500 and the most expensive 1.79025 million. Besides price, another interesting element of this car - other than appearance - is the fuel consumption. Nissan claims the fuel utilization of 19 km / liter! On the other hand, Juke buyers will also get tax rebates from the Government of Japan.

Dual injector
Economical fuel consumption, low emission and of course the Juke looks different than an SUV or crossover that has been there all along, will be very interesting. Economizes fuel consumption is obtained thanks to HR15DE engine uses the latest technology of Nissan, which is a double injector (twin-injection). Pengabutan result can be made closer to the cylinder and the results are much better. Machine capabilities are also highly qualified to produce energy, 84 kW (114PS) @ 6000 rpm.

As a multipurpose vehicle, Juke able to adapt so easily switch from the toll road to an increasingly jammed city streets. Section, set the engine torque is 150 Nm at 4000 rpm obtained. Another technology is Nissan's Variable Valve Timing or call CVTC.

Later (autumn) will also be marketed Juke version with 1.6 liter engines (MR16 DDT), which is equipped with a turbocharger. His ability with the conventional 2.5-liter engine.

For transmission, unites Nissan X-Tronic automatic transmission plus a very comfortable suspension. Nissan claims, acceleration ability Juke very steady, smooth, cool and fun stability encouraged speeding.

Equipped with "Intelligent Control Display" capable of serving various functions of information. Juke driver can easily operate the control panel to select the desired operation of three models: Normal, Sport and Evo-Drive.

Characteristic of this car is rear door handle of the "hidden" or installed on the rear door pillar. As a result, a versatile SUV has a round appearance from the outside similar to a sports kupe two doors.

Using headlamps are large and round. Rear combination lamps are also presenting a typical figure of Nissan sports car, Z, shaped like a boomerang shape. Penpilan interesting is the large fenders and rounded, making the compact SUV looks sturdy and macho.

Other additional Juke is accompanied P215/55R17 tires with ABS and EBD. Nissan's target to sell 1300 units / month. Now, if you really kesengsem, buy direct to Japan!

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