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Honda Tests Future Vehicles Concept

Honda, number two car manufacturers in Japan's and number one motorcycle in the world, plans to launch a demo and test electric vehicles future generations of small or personal mobility (the experimental vehicle). Type of vehicle used was electric cars and plug-in hybrids, electric scooters newest (EV-neo scooter) and other electric vehicles.

The test is done in two areas, namely, Kumamoto and Saitama prefectures in Japan. The aim, to determine the efficiency of automotive technology, motorcycles and cars as well as ancillary devices, for example, communication technology. In this trial, also used solar energy station using a very thin solar cells made by Honda Soltec.

The real target of this program is the realization of low-carbon environment to improve the quality of life and public health in urban areas.

At the end of this year, Honda plans to continue this program in the United States, with the main target areas with high concentrations of traffic. In that country, Honda will demonstrate electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles with Stanford University, Google Inc., and the city of Torrence, California, under the Advanced Technology Demonstration Program.

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