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BMW Recall Series 5 and Series 5 Gran Turismo

German premium carmaker BMW withdrawal action for improvement (recall) of the Series 5 and Series 5 GT year 2011 production in the United States as reported by Carscoop received from the American Institute of Highway Safety (NHTSA).

Withdrawal made because there is a problem with fuel sensors. Especially liked the indicator screw. Thus, the amount shown does not match that in the tank. This is very dangerous, not only stalled, but could be at risk of accidents.

The number who campaigned to reach is 6000 units. "BMW recall production in 2010 and 2011 Series 5 and Series 5 Gran Turismo made from January 12 until July 1, 2010. Pinched the fuel level sensor. This is why, when the indicator shows the amount of gasoline that much, but the tank just does not," said statement from the NHTSA.

BMW had not told the NHTSA about the planned repairs notice and at the same time.

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