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Flying Cars Still Saving Problem

Flying car is the first breakthrough in the world and probably will change the future of transportation. However, experts indicate that there are some problems in this flying car that still needs to be overcome before the car can actually operate.

The official name is the plane flying car Transition Roadable. It is classified as a Light Sport Aircraft. therefore, first of all this car-shaped into an airplane than a car so that motorists who want to run a car fly Sport Pilot certificate is needed to fly and SIM for driving on the road. However, ownership certificates of pilots flying sport is quite difficult because they are not all straight people can get it.

Richard Gersh, Vice President of Business Development in Transition Terrafugia, said she was proud that its product is the first flying car manufactured by the company. "Gersh said there are about 5,000 small airports in the United States, so that cars can fly easily find the nearest airport for takeoff and landing.

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