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Here, Offal Honda Revo Techno AT

What reason was making matic Honda Revo Techno AT has a good capability. The main weapon was found on motorcycle engine innards. What are its advantages?

Inside the engine room, flapping wing manufacturer brand logo is applying efficient technology and low-friction technology called EFT. Function, minimizing friction between components machine. The result, the machine working more optimal, efficient, and most importantly fuel-efficient.

There is a key point in the use of piston-textured (rough surface of piston) which is made of lightweight materials. This will alleviate the performance of the engine revolution. Rough surfaces can reduce friction between the piston and the cylinder chamber. Ends, more efficient fuel consumption.

Furthermore, the distance axis of the cylinder or cylinder off set against the axis of the crankshaft offset too close together. This condition also reduces friction on the piston. Technology or the trigger valve rocker arm is equipped with a roller also reduce friction with the shaft ridge or better known as the camshaft is in the process of ejection of fuel into the combustion chamber. Create minimal friction increasing efficiency in energy.

For the stability of engine performance, Honda has also implemented a double cooling system. First, the cooling air to the CVT is obtained from the air funnel. Second, cooling the engine room, which was performed with oil. Reduction of heat in the engine much more effectively maintain the temperature remains stable, particularly on road traffic jams and long trips so it is more durable and long lasting.

The position of the air funnel located above the surface of the engine-out work set the incoming air in the engine. In addition to cooling the engine, a position it also reduces the risk of entry of water into the engine. This is to maintain maximum engine performance.

"All the technology supplied by Honda in Revo Techno AT strongly supports the creation of a strong performance, but still economical. That's strengths," said Oni Setiawan Technical Service PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), who is also Chief Technician Journey Smart Revolution.

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