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Toyota iQ Introduced at Spa Francorchamps, Belgium

Toyota's smallest car in the world today, namely iQ (length 2985 mm and 1500 mm high), was introduced by Toyota Europe Friday night at the Paddock Club, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. According to Formula-1 sites, each of the Belgian Grand Prix, Toyota is always making activities. This is related to Toyota's European headquarters are in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the European Union.

iQ, cute-sized cars were first introduced to the public last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, then followed, Tokyo and Geneva earlier this year was still limited to the concept. Has now become a reality and the type of production will be introduced to the public at the Paris Motor Show next month. Production plan has also been decided upon, namely towards the end of this year in Europe.

To make a fast expanding reverberations iQ, at its first introduction, Toyota invited the European figures F-1, including Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio Briatore Dennis, Mario Theissen, Vijay Mallya, Adam Parr from Williams and John Howett (Toyota) and the two drivers, Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli.

Organic Techno
When blankets iQ opened, the audience becomes doubtful with a statement that the parties Toyota small car may contain three adults plus one child. Once they try to sit in the backseat, doubts soon disappeared. In fact, Bernie Ecclestone who first given the opportunity get into, directly commented, "Quite a relief!" He added, "Not just for people my size, Flavio can sit perfectly well. Cars are 'smart'! "

iQ will be used as the mainstay of Toyota as a car town (city car), a sophisticated, economical, user friendly and lingkunganya. With more and more "stuffy" traffic in the city, this car kehadira certainly be very interesting. Of course, with adjustment to price and market conditions in each country. However, Toyota has decided iQ as a global product!

IQ design considered very attractive by many observers. Toyota called it the car design is styled after "tecno organic." It is used for mathematical analysis in order to obtain a beautiful natural forms, geometric lines of precision for empeoleh body jets "inner beauty".

Giving the name "iQ", according to Toyota is the best representation of a car. "I" is the representation of individuals. But can also be "innovation" or "intelligent". While the "Q" "quality" and shape "cube" or "cue" and "life style" new. Could be too, iQ is Toyota's one direct application of mass products recently introduced a concept car industrious individuals such as "i-Real", "i-unit" and "i-Swing.

IQ design appearance and very attractive, according to Toyota's original design concept was influenced by Japan, such as J-Factor "or the Japanese factor. Concept promoted, giving priority to quality, attractive appearance according to the demands of global tastes. In this case is to meet human needs in a smart city transportation. J-Factor Concept is an expression of the concept, "a small but relieved," high-tech yet human 'and' emotional yet functional '.
After the figure iQ product is present, then note that the Toyota engineers reorganizing the placement of automobile components. For example, transmission and steering wheel made in a more compact size and short in the front without having to sacrifice the security aspect when the collision occurred. Based on test results Euro NCAP, this car received five star standard.

Another innovation is the size and placement of gas tank. Toyota put the gas tank with dimensions beneath the thin under the car. Many parts of the car was redesigned, including AC and pengapus glass. Air sac volume reached 12 liters. Also provided an airbag in the rear.

Toyota also makes the iQ as an environmentally friendly car. Because the same 1,000 cc engine with CO2 emissions is better than the standards stipulated by JAMA (Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association), which is 99 g / km. JAMA standard 140 gram / km for 2009.
When introduced, the iQ has a capacity of 1000 cc engine with Toyota's unique technology, which is VVT-i, 3 cylinder. Power generated 68PS/4.800 rpm with a torque of 9.3 kg-m or 90 Nm at 4800 rpm as well. Weighs about 860-895 kg. In addition to the 1,000 cc petrol engine, reportedly also, for the European market, Toyota iQ will be offered 1.4-liter diesel. However, its specification has not been specified. Even next year's 1330 cc petrol engine is offered which is equipped with a system of "start-stop". While the transmission and manual five-speed and six-speed CVT.

From the results of trials that have been done by some European media, iQ is very stable. When tested in France, when preceded the truck or bus, the stability of the steady cute.

CVT is equipped with "eco" mode, so the driver puts the transmission stick in this position, with his own machine to work on kondis road outside the city. CVT transmission gearshift take place smoothly.

Well informed, until the end of this year, Toyota will memperoduksi iQ around 100,000 for the global market. About the price, in the UK offered 10 thousand pounds.

Toyota Motor Corporation's current p-smooth network in Indonesia and Thailand is studying the possibility of producing cheap cars in ASEAN with a price under USD 100 million. In addition, again explore whether to choose the production base in Indonesia or Thailand. As the number one producer in the world, Toyota will try to dam up or expansion plans ahead of Tata to produce Nano, small cars for 2500 dollars to the Asean region! Although in England the price of expensive starting iQ, Toyota would have to adjust spesifiksi this product in every country!

Engine: 1000 cc. VVT-i petrol, 3 cylinder
Power: 68 rpm PS/4.800
Torque: 9.3 kg-m/4.800 rpm
Top speed: 150 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 14.1 seconds.

Length: 2985 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Wheelbase: 2000 mm
Rim and tire size: 16 inches, the radius of 5

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