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Nissan "Recall" Compact Cube

Seem to recall virus more malignant. After yesterday's Subaru and BMW, is now followed by Nissan Motor Co. (NMC). One Japanese manufacturer pulled the Cube compact car sold in America, that number reached 46 000 units, such as the Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday (7/27/2010), received from the American Institute of Highway Safety (NHTSA).

Nissan tried to examine the parties in connection with the leak in the fuel channels.

Vehicles affected by the call for review Cube are produced by January 30, 2009 until July 30, 2010. From the results of crash tests on the top of a leak in excess of the provisions of the NHTSA.

Nissan dealers are required to provide special protection around parts of the leaked gas channel with a neck connection, at no charge.

Did not say when the battery starts the campaign and the car owner can get his car.

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