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BMW S1000RR, Ready Blocking Japanese Motor Sport

European motorcycle manufacturer, BMW, has just released the latest motor sport S1000RR. This motor is claimed to be kick off the world market for Japanese manufacturers dominate motor sport.

The competitor from Japan not only a matter of technology and capabilities, but also its price.

"BMW S1000RR not only compete with Japanese companies in terms of technology, also from the price side," said General Director of BMW Motorrad Hendrik von Kuenheim as quoted from Motorcyclenews.

In terms of appearance, the figure does look very convincing sporty. Full body fairing weighing 183 kg with a frame of aluminum, it feels solid when asked to maneuver well in the track circuit and highway.

Part of face, seemed to appear asymmetrical headlamp S1000RR typical European motors. Interestingly, no lights Sein was directly beside the main lights, but instead placed at the bottom, near the front tire. While at the stern, a row of LED lights is used as stoplamp. Overview indeed closer to the Japanese motorcycles production. But talking about performance, the BMW did not want to lose to Japan.

S1000RR DOHC engine equipped with a set of 1000 cc injection. With this pacemaker kitchen, motor capable of up to 193 drive hp (142 kW) at 13 000 rpm. While capable of penetrating on maximum torque 82.5 lb-ft (112 Nm) at 9750 rpm.

Any motor driven take it easy up to 200 km / hr. And more enjoy, on the control wheel, there are options that type of driving Rain, Sport, Race, and Slick. Everything is activated via a button, and motorcycle will maneuver according to the selected mode.

In addition, BMW also did not merely think of speed alone. S1000RR proven security devices have also been using Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Even S1000RR claimed as SupersPort lightest motor that has been using ABS. In addition to BMW, the Japanese manufacturers who use this braking system are Honda.

Active safety systems are proven capable of halting the tire size and 180/55-ZR17 120/70-ZR17 S1000RR BMW. Driving became more secure.

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