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Air-Bag Create for Motorbikers

Create a long-distance touring enthusiasts with moge or motors, Dainese, clothing manufacturers and also supplies racing motorcycle touring production of D-water system. If the car air bags to save the driver and passenger (front) when the accident occurred.

Now, even this trick Daenese same function. If at the MotoGP event pebalap he protects the body in the fall. So, something like an air bag is also designed Dainese (for racing hence the name D-water).

D-Air system for the first time used in the MotoGP race at Valencia by Marco Simoncelli berlaha while still in the 250 cc class. Perhaps, this work is a revolutionary air bag for two wheels.

Project who spent 10 years, ranging from study to test, conducted by the Dainese Technology Center (D-Tec), Department of Dainesen whose duties include research and development, including the D-air Racing system this. They have worked closely with the Mechanical Engineering from the University of Padova, with the energy consultant from FIAT kontrolkualitas division, TRW and KTM Racing Team.

The system works not associated with motor components. Thus, objects such as a float plane, worn around the neck. Protected part, besides the neck also collarbone.

"Once created for the benefit of racing, both on the track and road versions (Isle of Man), D-air is now also available for highway motorists," the statement from Dainese.

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