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Curve Control System from Ford

Ford created a technology Curve Control System (CCS) for the car driver. This tool could prevent an accident due to carelessness of drivers to maneuver around the corner quickly, so that the car loses stability.

In America, 50 000 accidents recorded each year because of mistakes that turned very fast (high speed). Now, with this feature, Ford hopes to be useful, particularly for the highway.

The advantages of this branch controller technology, the four wheels can be braked with the smooth. Then, when a car drove by outside speed limit, engine torque can be reduced to lower the speed to 15 km / h per second. That way, cars could go back on track.

Ford explained that CCS works on rough surfaces, when wet or dry conditions. So, if the car does not veer as desired driver, the technology can restore the driveway into a safe position.

These technologies open up a breakthrough. Because of the stability control system on the car was introduced in 1987 under the name of Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Only, the function to detect and minimize wheel skid occurs. So, when ESC successfully detect the occurrence of loss of control, ESC automatically help put the brakes to help the driver's steering wheel can be controlled.

In 1990, Mitsubishi introduced a similar technology is called Diamante (Sigma), in which the electronically controlled traction. And for the newest cars, Mitsubishi Active Skid and now uses Traction Control (ASTC).

Then two German automobile manufacturers are also introducing the technology. Like BMW began production on the model 1992 is equipped with the title of Continental Automotive Systems (CAS), which can reduce engine torque.

Mercedes also did not want to miss. In 1992, in cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH (as does the BMW too) call it Electronic Stability Programmed (ESP).

American car manufacturers are planning to put on the kind of crossover, SUV, pickup and van in 2015.

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