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Porsche Develop Boxster as Sport Electric Cars

After successfully developing a hybrid system on the 911 GT3 R, supersportcar German manufacturer, Porsche, stepped into the driving power. More precisely, Porsche tried to develop electric sports car.

"Acceleration of electricity will be increasingly important in Intelligent Performance Porsche," the company wrote in a statement released this afternoon. Added, the development of electrical drives aimed at increasing efficiency, save fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

Added, the development of research of these electric cars as they do in hybrids, which is directly on the car that was produced. Further practical tests as part of a development step for the Stuttgart Region Electromobility model. In this research, they use three Porsche Boxster.

Third electric Boxster will undergo its first test which is very important, namely to know the electric drive components and systems needed new batteries for electric cars. Another target, identify and ensure the infrastructure for elektromobility, including car users habits and needs of product development at the future. The project will begin running early next year.

Michael Macht, the President and Deputy CEO Porsche AG, said the project is a contribution from Porsche in the development of electric cars. "Definitive, we will produce electric sports car in the future. The concept we developed is acceptable if the quality of the product being offered is a typical Porsche, "he said.

Electric flywheel
Previously, Porsche has developed plug-in hybrid cars on the 918 Spyder sports. As planned, these plug-in hybrids will be mated with high technological breakthroughs, namely motor fuels and electromobility. Reportedly also, the plug-in hybrid car Porsche produced a very low CO2, 70 g / km, and three liters of gasoline consumption for 100 kilometers. Sports car is capable of producing a total power 660PS.

No less interesting, Porsche has been using a hybrid system on the 911 GT3 R to racing, with the use of two electric motors 82 are mounted on the PS front axle. This is done by simply adding power eight-cylinder engine produced 480 PS mounted on the rear wheels.

Porsche 911 GT3 R of this hybrid does not use conventional batteries to store electricity and forwarded to the electric motor. Porsche flywheel system using rechargeable electric when the driver braked and then transfer it to the electric motor. This car has proved its performance on 24-hour endurance race at the Nürburgring.

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