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Alfa Romeo in 1937, the World's Most Beautiful Car

The car was created not only to demonstrate excellence or strength bodynya machine, but the car was also created as a beautiful art.

To create a list of the most beautiful car in the world, Forbes magazine asked a group of experts to judge and give his nomination. The jurors were asked to provide a list of cars in different eras and manufacturers that beauty is not indisputable.

In the list of the most beautiful cars in the world have Alfa Romeo output up to 1937 Porsche 911, which is still produced. All these cars have the appearance of an entire generation will be able to amaze.

From the results of the judging process, the car which was considered the most beautiful in the world and throughout history is the 1937 Alfa Romeo output. Even Rob Myers, founder of RM Auto, famous antique car auction houses in Canada, stating that the Alfa Romeo output in 1937 is one of the most beautiful thing in the world and throughout history.

Other vehicles from year 1937 are included in the list of most beautiful cars in the world are Delahaye 135MS Figoni et Falascgi and Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster. While the output in 1938 was a year younger Talbot-Lago T-CSS.

Why are so many cars in the 1930s who get into this list? Motor vehicle production was reaching its highest point in terms of resources and enthusiasm in the period between World War I and World War II, which has brought production cars in that period to design and artistic levels are high.

Each model is updated at least every two years, and every year is produced with a different model from the previous year. Cars produced a serious work of art which has unique characteristics, unlike today, which is made from the model produced by another company.

Art Inspired by Ian Cameron, chief designer of the Rolls-Royce said that music is one of inspiration from the creation of a car. For the main designer of the Rolls-Royce 200EX this latest offering, creating a car can be likened to playing in a band. "You start with a session hours, and at some point be turned into a melody," he said.

Design plays an important role in the entry of a Porsche 911 on the list this time the world's most beautiful car. Although this model is not as attractive as other models in the list, but the fact that this model can survive during the last fifty years without any changes, which are indicators of the genius of its creator in the beginning years ago in 1960. This will be very difficult to expect from modern cars.

According to experts, the current car-makers did not bother to create designs that can have profound and high value to collectors. The lack of artistic beauty of the modern model is one result of financial difficulties experienced by the manufacturer of the world. According to experts, the cars produced today is nothing more than disposable diapers can be discarded. Pathetic is not it?

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