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Black Box for American Cars

Number of recall action around the world to make the government of the United States. Now, to solve it, the world's giant computer manufacturer Intel prepares new safety technology, the Black Box.

Same function as in an airplane. Integrated with the computerized car systems, so that the various actions or events recorded up to mengedintifikasi traffic signs. For events outside the vehicle, the tool will rely on cameras and sensors that function in the car.

"Vehicle-new vehicle, it was possible existence of a camera inside or outside the car. The truth is not something new, but if you integrate a camera and GPS (global positioning system), the result is incredible," said Intel Chief Technology Office, Justin Rattner told The New York Times.

Technology created by Intel will be able to record the event in the form of videos 30 seconds. With this evidence, it can be known what caused the accident. Technical factors or negligence of the driver.

Remarkably again, this technology seems to have a competitive price. Because, all the components that are used practically in the latest release of the car.

"In the next few years, this means only half the price of a new GPS device or security system," said Rattner.

The ability of this tool has been tested on the Smart Fortwo last month, which includes equipment nirekabel system's WiMax-based 4G. This system allows the car has a fast internet connection data (high-speed Internet data).

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