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Peugeot-Citroen Use Ultracapacitor for Stop-Start

Stop-start system is more widely used by car manufacturers on their latest products lately. In fact, two-wheeled vehicles also began to follow-up. For example, Honda PCX. But, using different designations (idling stop).

Nevertheless, the diesel engine, the system is not very much utilized. Parties, to restart (turn back) machine, it takes more power than gasoline. This could cause the battery is overdrawn. Or, if you want to use large-capacity battery, will add weight.

Car manufacturers, which states have succeeded in using the stop-start on diesel engines is the PSA Peugeot Citro├źn of France. They use ultracapacitor to store electrical energy, which helps the battery start the engine while shorthanded. Therefore, by the PSA system called e-booster.

In addition to its main task as a stop-start system is activated, when a car slid on a jammed city streets or a lot of red lights, e-booster can also help turn on the engine when cold (early morning).

In stop-start system-PSA diesel engine called the e-HDi-motor is used which also functions as a starter alternator (integrated starter and alternator). Valeo starter-alternator that generates artificial 2.2 kW. Equipped with electronic power system (inverter).

Explained, the PSA will use the i-phase feature in the first-in 1.4-liter diesel engine and 1.6 liters. Machines are also improved, among other turbocharger lubrication system, increasing the pressure injection pump, crankshaft bearings, flywheel and strengthened with two weights.

There's also the alternator voltage control that produces regenerative charging to the battery when the driver lifted his foot from the accelerator pedal (deceleration). PSA ultracapacitor used this capability Farad/5V 600 works, which derive energy from the car electrical system.

Actually, the e-booster also functions as a support of the electrical system. By using this system, for the 2.0-liter diesel engine, no need to use a 100 Ah battery and of course will reduce the weight of the vehicle. In fact, can also be used to drive the power steering when the engine died.

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