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CR-Z and U3-X, Honda's Commitment to Environmental Evidence

If last year's Honda displays a cute robot, Asimo, so in this they show the IIMS 2010 U3-X. He represents the future of personal transportation that is practical and to move in any direction simply by moving the weight of the vehicle. The exhibition done directly by the President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor Yukihiro Aoshima before giving his speech.

The presence of U3-X at IIMS 2010 event is the realization of Honda's commitment to consistently support the environmentally friendly programs. Hence, in this exhibition, HPM theme is "Honda Eco-City" which of them offers a solution to the conservation of modern society, which is summarized in the Eco-Solution for Advanced Modernization.

"Honda is always an early step in realizing the ideas that provide solutions for environmental conservation in accordance with the progress of the age," said Aoshima. Honda innovation, he added, never stopped bringing environmentally friendly solutions.

Hence, to prove its commitment, in addition to displaying the U3-X, HPM also displaying CR-Z, the first car that combines sports and hybrid concept and became a bestseller world.

Outside the allegations again, Honda's New Small Concept Car shows a compact size and environmentally friendly performance.

On a land area of 1644 square meters, Honda also posted 20 fleet. There is the newly launched New Freed, and a modified version of the three units. There is also Jazz and some product line-ups, such as Accord, Civic, City, CR-V, and Odyssey.

All Honda vehicles shown with stylish design urban landscapes that care about the efficiency and effectiveness in using resources in the surrounding environment. In addition, there are some areas that show the application of alternative energy utilization.

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