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Reduce Oil, If We exceeded the Maximum Charge Alerts

Changing the engine oil is nothing we can do it yourself at home. However, his knowledge of science and we need to remain well controlled. If incorrect, could cause a bad effect. Although including a simple job, several times found cases triggered by the mistakes surrounding the replacement of oil.

Encountered many cases that is when you fill the oil, the maximum limit not to be noticed that the oil exceeds a predetermined capacity. Supposedly, high engine oil should not exceed the mark "MAX" indicated on the dipstick. If you already passed the limit, you should subtract again with how to open oil pit that lies below. After briefly opened and then closed again by tightening bolts oil disposal. Then check back the quantity of oil through the dipstick.

The impact of excess engine oil did not directly reduce the driving comfort. But beware, because such conditions can reduce the ability of doing lubrication oil. Furthermore, we can guess, antarlogam friction in the engine went very rough, which in turn makes the components will be rapidly worn. In addition to lubrication that helps weaken the function of friction antarlogam place with smooth, too much oil also reduces the ability of cooling the engine.

As we know, in addition to lubrication, oil cooler also serves as metals rub against each other. Reduced power lubricating and cooling function that occurs because when the oil is too full, then the potential to immerse the crankshaft. If the component is submerged, the liquid oil will automatically terkocok-whipped. During this component of the engine's life will continue to move around.

Like an egg which if beaten too long will cause the foam, as well as liquid oil. Oli also be foamed, which indicates there are air bubbles in it. Well, the appearance of air bubbles and foam that's an indication of oil quality begins to decline. So, instead of the function and role of oil is interrupted, the better to prevent the emergence of bubbles is another way to reduce oil if it exceeds the mark "MAX" when filling.

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